22 October 2018

Galaxy Chocolate Rounds (Asda) By @Cinabar

There are a lot of fancy new products trickling on to the shelves for Christmas, and I have managed to pick up a few items for future review. In amongst the new adventurous items I spotted these new biscuits called Galaxy Chocolate Rounds. They don’t have any fancy weird flavour combinations but sometimes simple works, and Galaxy chocolate is always silky smooth so I thought I would give them a go.
Inside the packet the biscuits are stacked in piles of two, so there were notables less than I had hoped for in the box. I think this type of plastic tray covered in an outer wrap always seems to make you think there will be more than there actually are.

I broke one of the biscuits in half and could see small golden yellow bits inside the biscuit, but I couldn’t quite work out what they were. I checked the packet again and it says the biscuits are just shortcake, no mention of an additional ingredient. I decided to give them a try. The biscuit part is lovely and buttery, so again I thought maybe the yellow bits were butter, but I’ve not seen that in a biscuit before. The chocolate was quite generous and the Galaxy flavour was spot on, sweet and very smooth, it worked with the buttery biscuit too. As I said sometime simple just works, and these were spot on. I just wish there were more in the pack.

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