17 October 2018

Sneak Peak - Walkers Christmas Crisps including: Brussels Sprout (Ocado)

Photo source: Ocado
Just a quick one with a bit of news here, I was on the Ocado website and looking into new flavours of crisps. At the end of my trawl of new products I spotted some very interesting, not yet available, flavours.

There seems to be two new multipacks coming, one for Sprout Lovers and one for Sprout haters! The Sprout Lovers crisps does include a Brussels sprouts flavour, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

The flavours in full are:

Sprout Lovers:
2x Brussels Sprout
2x Turkey and Stuffing
2x Pigs in Blankets

Sprout Haters:
2x Glazed Ham
2x Turkey and Stuffing
2x Cheese and Cranberry

The clear conclusion from this that everyone loves Turkey and Stuffing!
If you spot them in the shops let me know - happy hunting. :-)

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