9 October 2018

Milk Chocolate Prosecco Caramels (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Milk Chocolate Prosecco Caramels

As mentioned yesterday when I wrote about the new Glazed Gammon and Whisky Crisps, I also picked up some other interesting Christmas treats from Marks and Spencer, amongst them were these new Milk Chocolate Prosecco Caramels. They are in a seasonal bag and are the perfect size for a treat or a stocking filler. I know it is a bit early for Christmas but I just don’t seem to be able to resist
There were quite a few of the caramels in the bag, and they were all covered in lovely shiny chocolate. I bit in and found that the centre was pretty too, there was a touch of gold glitter in the caramel that sparkled in the light. The caramel oozed out by the way as it was very runny.

I loved the flavour, the caramel centre was sweet but the added touch of Prosecco gave it a dry edge that worked well. The chocolate was thick and the cocoa flavours wrapped it all together. They are a grown up taste but they do work. These are easy eating chocolates with a touch of Christmas magic making them extra special. I also picked up a bag of Milk Chocolate Orange Caramels in the same range, and I can’t wait to dig into those too.

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GmomodS said...

I agree with you on these. They were actually about last year too and I polished off about 6 bgs :-S. Glad to see them back again :-)