14 October 2018

YES - It's a Pizza! Beetroot Base (Dr. Oetker) by @NLi10

In Asda they have a staggering range of frozen pizzas (although one lady was struggling to find a pork free option that contained enough meat and toppings to satisfy her teenage son - she settled for adding chips...).  Often this leads to a good 5 minutes of decision paralysis in the freezer section before taking home the chosen one(s).

Ordinarily we are very boring, we get the Asda own brand thin pizzas because we can have a whole one each, there is a good range of toppings, and they are all pretty good.  The veggie one in particular has so many colours on that it must be good for you - right?

Unfortunately pizza every night isn't a great idea so we have them more sparingly now.  The pizza makers have spotted this and are now making even more healthy pizzas by putting veggies into the base like so.

YES - It's a Pizza! Beetroot Base (Dr. Oetker)

This not only makes them brightly coloured and more attractive on instagram, but also healthier - probably.  The green one had mushrooms and broccoli on it so neither of us would like it.  The red one had ham on it so the veggie didn't want it but I was willing to give it a try.

Red it is! The normal Asda thin veggie pizza is hidden bellow.

They spend a lot of time assuring us that it's a pizza, and the base and topping combo don't look too odd.  The cheese is actually creme fraiche which is interesting for someone who isn't the biggest fan of cheese. Full ingredients here - but it's neither veggie nor gluten free.

It looks a little odd raw.  The ham is tiny cubes, and the veggies seemed plusher on the box.  Maybe it was the fake grilling lines...

Cooked it looks very similar, only slightly more out of focus.

It cooked a little faster than anticipated - I'm great at Instagram me! This may be an artefact of the beetroot base though as it all tasted fine.

Well, better than fine actually - I really enjoyed this.  So much so that I'm tempted to buy the other one and bin all the mushrooms just to review it.  Yes - the ham was WAY too small, I'd have rather had bigger bits which were more spread out.  And sure - I think that the Asda pizza has more veg on it, but these are small complaints.

The texture of the bright red base was great, just close enough to pizza to be believable but different enough that this is the only place you can get it.  I think a fresh version of this pizza (some frozen pizza seem to use very firm bases anyway) would be amazing - so if somewhere local to you sells red or green pizza bases at a restaurant let us know below!

The biggest change for the flavours was the creme fraiche which I guess must be another health move, and it adds a little tangyness to the pizza I wasn't expecting.  When combo-ed with the Nando's Perinaise sauce the little bit of extra heat made this even more exciting - I'm looking forwards to doing this again.

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