27 October 2018

Treacle Treat Beer (@Wadworth) By @SpectreUK

Oh great! I had to wrestle the same drunken pumpkin for my last cider blog, and now he has a friend! It was quite a wrestling match to wrench this beer off them too. I managed to get this beer off them just in time for a 'Treat' rather than a 'Trick'. This Treacle Treat from the Wadworth Brewery, in Wiltshire, is a dark ale with herbal hops and made with black treacle. I like the skull with hop eyes and barley nose on the front of the bottle. Described as an "apocalyptic Autumn ale", at 4.2% volume this Treacle Treat sounds anything but a dastardly Trick!

However, on opening the bottle there was a cheeky fizz like a child ready to play a practical joke. Though there was the unmistakable luscious smell of richly roasted chocolate malt, with an edge of coffee in the aroma, and then a not so subtle sweetness at the back of the smell from the black treacle. On pouring this dark brown ale has something of the night about its colour. It has a complex taste to it too. Both brown malt and chocolate malt seem to battle for supremacy throughout the flavour. There is the taste of burnt toast from the brown malt coupled with the chocolate and coffee flavours from the roasted chocolate malt. Dancing devilishly around these malty flavours springs the bitterness from the tricksy herbal hops, which is mixed with the sweetness from the black treacle complementing the chocolate flavour in the beer. All these malty, hoppy, sweet treacle flavours waltz off together into the aftertaste. Mmm… this Treacle Treat is a dark treat and not for the faint hearted. There is also a warmness from this concoction of flavours. On any dark stormy night this beer would be a beacon on the grey cloudy horizon, not so much like a haunted house, but a warm place by the fire that friends can recount the scariest of their favourite ghost stories.

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