26 October 2018

Halloween Edition Muller Corner Yoghurts (Asda) By @Cinabar

There has been less new products this year for Halloween than I have seen before but I’ve still been able to find a few things that are new to me and have made me smile. This is in that category and it is the new Halloween Edition Muller Corner Yoghurts. They are in a multipack with six corner yoghurts inside, three of each of the two flavours.

They are:

Strawberry with White Chocolate Crispy Ghosts
The yoghurt here was the usual sweet, fruity and smooth strawberry Muller yoghurt. The ghosts were small but crispy and the white chocolate added a nice level of sweetness. The ghosts were a little rough in design, but you could get the idea.

Vanilla with Skull Shaped Chocolate Biscuits
The yoghurt section was very creamy, but the biscuits had a quite a deep cocoa taste which worked well with them. The main flavour was still the vanilla but the extra chocolate was a nice addition. I thought the skulls were particularly well shaped and did look the part.

I like the effort of the Muller Halloween yoghurts, the base yoghurt is simple enough but the decorated biscuits made it, and added a nice twist to the twin pots. These might be the perfect fuel to set you up for Trick and Treating, but hopefully they leave a little room for any candy you might collect.

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