19 October 2018

Sweet Heat Skittles (Coop) By @Cinabar

Chilli it is a difficult thing, some people love it, some people hate and most people under or over estimate their tolerance. I describe myself as someone who likes spice, but I’m not a chilli addict, and if it gets too hot I’m not interested. I think what I’m trying to say here is that chillis is subjective, and as we saw on The Apprentice this week (hot sauce and chocolate doughnuts) it doesn’t always work combined with sweet things.
Skittles have gone for it anyway and released Sweet Heat Skittles, Skittles with sweet fruity flavours and a spot of chilli.

The flavours are:

Scorchin Pineapple - This was sweet and hot from the beginning, the tropical flavour left my tongue buzzing.
Fiery Watermelon - This Skittle tasted like it was going to be refreshing but the chilli built up and caught me at the back of my throat.
Sizzlin Strawberry - This one was I think the softest, and I liked them the most, sweet strawberry with a nice warmth.
Lemon Spark - I think these were the hottest, or the lemon flavour wasn’t quite sweet enough to soften it. The lemon was sharp, the spice warm, it was quit a sensation.
Piccante Passion Fruit - These were hot too, or perhaps I was getting build up from trying the others first, but the passion fruit was pleasingly fruity. It was just a bit warm.

A chilli loving friend tried these Skittles and said the spice was barely noticeable. A colleague tried eating a few and then suffered the chilli as his work phone went off. I liked them, the Sweet Heat Skittles were hot and fun. Grab a handful of them and see how you go!

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