25 October 2018

King's Original Flavour Pro Strips - basically Vegan Jerky (Asda) by @NLi10

There are few things less appetising than bad meat.  Dried bad meat is possibly one of them - and as the majority of jerky style things I've tried over the years have been from this category I've been very wary of trying more.  I was on a wander around Asda and taking pictures of all the snack meat that was hanging from the shelves - usually in weird places.

Risky meat or Pom-Bears? Bears FTW

Luxury meat bag or savoury crackers? Possibly both - it is 100% succulent which is a claim that makes no sense.

Gluten free meat parcel or messed with beans?  Beans review to follow.

Now that badly described Protein is a thing there is certainly a market for meat in a bag.  I just didn't think I was brave enough to try more - until I spotted this.

Now I really have no excuse.  This is the brand that has been more appealing out of the options, and now it's Vegan.  I mean in theory it's vegan - it's made out of vegan friendly things - but its really not designed to be eaten by life-long meat avoiding vegans.  Even the bag avoids telling you it's vegan.

Mmmm - air dried strips of vegetable protein!

Just like Jack Bauer this only lasts 24 hours so you better be prepared to chew a lot or to share at least.  None of the people I shared this with (all carnivores - one halal) liked it enough to finish or ask for more.

And looking at the actual item you can kind of see why.  But... Like sun-dried tomatoes this is actually quite appealing.  Yeah - your going to be chewing for a bit before the flavour is unleashed but this is probably the nicest jerky I've had - in fact because it's vegan and you didn't have to kill cows it's jerky without being a jerk. maybe. who knows how kind they are to the flavourings they used.  
Looking back up it's all seemingly straight forwards - good quality vegan protein but flavoured and dried in salty, umami goodness.  I'm thinking I'd buy this again.  It may even make a nice freaky stocking stuffer.  probably not one for the trick or treaters but you'd get double horror as it looks a bit meaty and turns out to be vegan.

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