21 October 2018

Little Dessert Shop (Lichfield) by @NLi10 @LittleDessertSh

When out and about in England it's fun to try all the little cafes and eateries that have cropped up.  Some like Devo-Teas are very much independent and nice cosy places to hide away.  Others like the Little Dessert Shop are chains, but well meaning ones with a nice variety on offer and act as a noisy, bright place for other people to gravitate towards.

I prefer my restaurants indy and snug, but for a massive sugar hit you can't really go wrong here.

Glossy menus and well photographed food

And lots of fabulous options that you can add too if you choose.

Sam had this - it's exploded Maltesers on a waffle.  It was very nice.

I had the white chocolate cookie dough and then paid 65p to add 8 whole raspberries to the top.  I'm not sure I got good value there...

It was all very nice though, and the addition of both cream and ice-cream meant that you could get a variety of textures and bites.

I did like the little arty wafers.  I mean - I know those are easy enough to do, but it does add flair.

And it's gooey all the way to the last bite.  I'm really glad I got a glass of tap-water on the side - it's quite sweet!!

We basically had this as an afternoon treat and then skipped dinner.  Yum!

I'm often disappointed by dessert places, but here I think we got our money's worth and the food was of a high quality.  I can see us looking for more local branches to sneak in and nibble away at.  And they do have a Halloween special menu at the moment...

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