24 October 2018

NEW: Doritos BBQ Bits (WHSmiths) By @SpectreUK

NEW: Doritos BBQ Bits

We usually try to do a different spooky snack every day during the Halloween period, so you can imagine my despair when Cinabar informed me last night that the innovation for scary foodstuffs hasn't been great in the supermarkets this year. Still the same old same old, asides some funky beers to write about over the next week or so, and a particularly cool cake (Spoiler alert). She did pass me these new Doritos BBQ Bits stating they are "hot off the shelf". They are BBQ flavour corn snacks. I don't think they're scary chilli hot, although they are in a red packet. There is paprika, spices and cayenne pepper in the ingredients, but let's face it, I'm desperately reaching… Freaky evil laugh time? Bwhuh… ha, ha, hah! Never mind…

On opening the packet there was a smoky sweet barbecue smell to the millions (possibly) of tiny orange twisted shaped corn snacks inside. WARNING: Choking hazard!?! At least there's something scary about this blog. I wouldn't eat these Doritos BBQ Bits running down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night whilst being chased by a vampire! On tipping a gob-full of these corn snacks into my mouth there is smokiness to start with in their flavour, followed by a little sticky sweet barbecue sauce, and a small heap of paprika, and then the corn aftertaste dully shines through. These Doritos BBQ Bits are pretty tasty. I'd give them a thumbs up, especially for snacks on a gaming night for tipping in a mouthful between Battle Royale or racing your friends.

Information on the packet;
The 33g packet contains 175 calories, 1.2g of fat, 1.7g of sugar and 0.49g of salt. For ingredients please see photograph.

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