15 October 2018

Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange and Prickly Pear Drink (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange and Prickly Pear Drink

I am a big fan of the Sanpellegrino drinks, they are posh Italian soft drinks, and their lemonade is one of the best. I do like trying their other flavours, and highly recommend all of them, especially the Blood Orange which is also out at the minute.
I saw this Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange and Prickly Pear flavour drink listed on Ocado and it was one I had never heard of before so I added it to my order. I also have to admit to having to google Prickly Pear, I had assumed it would be part of the pear family from the name but it seems it is a cactus, well who knew. This might be Sanpellegrino’s way of joining the aloe trend that is going on at the minute.
I chilled a can and then gave it a try. This is a soft drink and it is fizzy but not overly so, it is nicely sparkling. Flavour wise there is a decent amount of orange which is familiar, but there is an extra refreshing taste, not too sweet but with a hint of bitter in the after taste. It is a refreshing drink and not to far from being orange, but the extra taste is pleasant, and it is a mature flavour and one that will appeal to those that don’t want there soft drink to be too sweet. I enjoyed it but my sweet tooth was hankering for a can of Sanpellegrino Blood Orange.

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