6 October 2018

Radical Road Pale Ale (Gloucester Farm Shop @glouc_services) By @SpectreUK

Radical Road Pale Ale

It's been a dim and wet miserable day until now. I was just glancing out of the window as the sun begins to set. The green garden grass and puddles on the asphalt road outside are beginning to dry out, so it looks more like a cool summer's evening, rather than a chilly autumnal night. I fancy a citrusy pale ale to wash down the yellow orange sunset. This Radical Road was brewed in Edinburgh at the Stuart Brewery. At a hefty 6.4% volume it should wash down more than just a sunset, as I'm a little worried as I have surgery on my left knee on Tuesday. The last arthroscopy didn't go so well last year, so I'm hoping this surgery will fix my cartilage woes and for this craft beer to settle my nerves, plus a cheerful dose of Strictly Come Dancing, of course!

Radical Road is a triple hopped pale ale with the bitterness of grapefruit, marmalade, and pine. On opening I could smell a mixture of sweetness from the pale malt, coupled with citrus fruitiness of grapefruit and orange combined. There was also the underlying aroma of pine at the back of the smell. The deep golden colour of this craft pale ale almost matched the glow from the setting sun. On taste this lightly carbonated beer had an initial sweet burst from the pale malt and pine, followed by the sheer citrus fruity bitterness which tasted mostly of grapefruit, with a touch of orange, all intermixed with the pale malt. All these flavours danced around my tastebuds into the aftertaste. Mmm… what a treat, and perfect with my tuna sandwich for dinner!

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