9 September 2018

Wagon Wheels Jammie Teacakes (Home Bargains) by @NLi10

I'm sure I've had these before.  It's a teacake, but ontop of a wagon wheel style base. The packaging says New though, which either means these have been hanging around for 20 years in Home Bargains (I swear I used to get these from Kwik Save) or there are enough differences here to proclaim newness.

Eitherway its a brave proposition.  Wagon Wheels aren't exactly the hotness right now, and if you make a teacake you are directly competing with not only Tunnocks Teacakes (the best) and 'snowballs' (Teacakes with coconut on the outside).  For a pound for 8 though I'm happy to be a little bit disappointed.

And they aren't too tiny, and the jam bit is actually noticeable - if not as large as in the blue Jammie Wagon Wheels themselves.

And I guess that's the problem.  I could have got a pack of 6 Jammie wagon wheels instead, or saved my pocket money for an extra week and picked up a box of Tea Cakes (which I think are actually 6 for a pound as well).

These are nice enough - every part of the equation is done decently and if you want little snacks for little people then these are ideal.  For us grown-ups though they are just a shade too small to be satisfying and would be eaten in twos.  Or threes...

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Frurry said...

yup, these are just burtons teacakes under a different branding, no difference