31 August 2018

Smiths Paprika Flavour Crisps (PoundLand) By @Cinabar

If I am in our town centre I can’t resist a browse in our branch of Poundland, which is huge and has a surprising number of interesting new products. I scan the shelves for anything with a “new” label and hope to pick up some interesting Foodstuff Finds.
These Paprika Smiths Crisps crisps caught my eye, despite the fact they do not have a “new” label, but I knew I hadn’t tried them before and I know that I spend a lot of time scanning shelves of crisps! At the very least they are new to me, so I picked up a multipack. Okay I admit it, I also did a quick Google to make sure we hadn’t already reviewed them, my memory is not an impressive thing.

I had my first bag of these Paprika Smiths Crisps with some lunch and poured them out onto the plate. They had a deep orange colour from the seasoning and looked like they may be quite strong. I tried one and found them to be actually rather mild. The paprika was present, but it was a gentle hint, complementing the flavour of the potato like salt and a hint of warmth. These were very easy to eat, and the paprika in them worked wonderfully, even if it was at the milder end of the spectrum. As the crisps are Smiths they are light and crunchy and easy to eat. I shall look forward to having these in my lunch box over the next week or so.

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