2 August 2018

Look What We Found - Beef Bolognese (@NLi10)

I’m a big fan of the Look What We Found range and so now they’ve tweaked the packages and recipie it seemed a good time to revisit and see what’s changed.

The packaging is so much like a giant pouch of cat food that it always attracts attention.

And you can understand why.  This is batchelor chow of the highest order, with high quality meat sealed away for freshness jus twaiting for you to add the potato and veg - or for bolognese some pasta.

It’s a large single portion, or a more skimpy two per bag, and it’s always rich in flavour. Here the sauce is a lot less sweet than your usual Italian jars and a lot closer to an English stew. The delicate flavours are still there, but the microwave option maybe dulls them a bit compared to cooking on the hob.

I’m still yet to be disappointed by this range ans always have one in the cupboard for a lazy solo dinner when home alone.

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