13 August 2018

Pringles Festival Edition Salt, Pepper & Herb Wedges Flavour (Asda) By @cinabar

New flavours of Pringles can be quite adventurous, and often quite spicy. These new Pringles have been brought out for Festival season and come in a bright coloured tube that is very eye catching. The flavour didn’t seem that exciting to me, it is titled Pringles Festival Edition Salt, Pepper and Herb Wedges Flavour, but essentially sounded like salt, pepper and herbs seasoning. What I’m trying to say ifs for such a bright and fun time of year and with the pretty packaging the actual flavour sounded like a bit of an anti-climax.
I don’t have any plans to attend festivals this year so had these with lunch, not quite the same as munching these in a tent on a muddy field with loud music, but I’m sure the setting doesn’t affect the flavour.
I gave one a try and realised immediately I had underestimated these new Pringles Festival Edition crisps, they were absolutely full of flavour. The seasoning was quite strong and I think I could pick up on Italian herbs and rosemary, there was nice twist of onion too and the salt and pepper enhanced all these flavours. The taste was quite strong, but in a good way. I had my first one and the Pringles moreish magic kicked in and I couldn’t stop munching. I may have underestimated these crisps, as these are a special edition I will miss them when they go, never mind festivals, these are the perfect tub to pack into any picnic basket, or just to share in front of the TV.

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