28 August 2018

Galaxy Chocolate Creme Wafer Curls (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

The latest addition to the grab bag market are some new chocolates from Galaxy, called Chocolate Creme Wafer Curls. I can’t remember seeing any Galaxy chocolate products in this format before, and I was pleased to see that this is a whole new product too, not just something repackaged.
Galaxy Chocolate Creme Wafer Curls consist of a twist of wafer, dipped in Galaxy milk chocolate and filled with a smooth chocolate filling. There are some filled with hazelnut creme also available, and I will be looking to pick these up too.

There are quite a few Galaxy Chocolate Creme Wafer Curls in the bag and the coating of chocolate on them looked quite thick. I tried one and loved the mix of textures, they are light and crispy, and very easy to munch on. The smoothness of the Galaxy chocolate shines through, and these are sweet and very creamy. The filling adds an extra hit of chocolate, and each one of these are divine. Galaxy chocolate is so smooth, these are a lovely burst of rich chocolate flavours. As someone who loves interesting texture I found myself enjoying the wafer crunch and how it melts down to nothing. The biggest problem with these chocolate is the idea you are supposed to share them, they are so easy to eat I was just watching the bag disappear. Sweet, creamy, crispy, chocolatey goodness.

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