30 August 2018

M&S Charcoal & Apple Shot (Marks & Sparks) by @NLi10

While at the station I noticed these fun little ‘good shot’ drinks in Marks & Spencer’s, but as I wanted a big drink and was off out I just lined them up for a photo and moved on. The kale looks like it had sold out!

A couple of days later and one of my work buddies had picked me up the oddest of the bunch.

And it’s basically 95% apple juice, 2% lemon juice, 2% yuzu juice and some charcoal. Which is all very nice, but it’s just 100ml of apple juice for £1.50 really.

Tastes like apple juice.


GmomodS said...

I find these charcoal products a bit gimmicky and utterly useless. As a medic, I understand why they are being used (even if the populist reasons are not actually correct or based on any evidence of benefit). On a non medic level however - who really wants to consume burnt wood? I have reservations in this itself actually. We all know long term exposure to burnt meats and bakery products is bad for bowel health, yet manufacturers are throwing these products at us like they're desirable.
Id rather eat an apple and save a penny or two :-).

Unknown said...

1 75 at the hospital where i work. I would rather g8ve money to charity