29 August 2018

Mr Lee’s Hong Kong Street Beef (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

Okay, so I'm not well. Unfortunately I have a bit of food poisoning or I've picked up a bug from somewhere and suffice to say without too much gory detail; things are pretty rapid in the gravity department. So I thought I'd try Mr Lee's Hong Kong Street Beef noodle pot. Damien Lee created Mr Lee's noodles after he'd been diagnosed with cancer and wanted to produce food that is good for people without the 'nasties'. So I have my fingers crossed for my grumpy belly. The pot says it has a mild spice, but it has ginger in it, which is good for my poorly tummy, as well beef, noodles, orange blossom honey, which sounds delightful, and Chinese Five Spice.

On opening the pot there was some dried beef and other ingredients mixed at the top next to the dried stringy noodles. I boiled the kettle and added freshly boiled water. After replacing the lid for three minutes, I gave the pot a good stir. It smelt great, there were chunks of beef floating around amongst the noodles as well as diced vegetables and spices (see photograph). It essentially looked like beef in gravy with noodles in a cardboard pot, which I guess is what it's supposed to be.

I had a couple of pieces of bread to dip and some boiled eggs on the side. On taste this Hong Kong Street Beef tasted like beef in a lightly spiced gravy. It was a hearty warm treat for my poorly tummy and went well for dipping due to a large amount of liquid, and not too messy on my chin from eating the noodles with a fork. I also had some fruit and a yoghurt to finish off with, washed down with a mint green tea and also a ginger beer. All for good for a bad stomach or tasty treat any other time.

Information on the pot;
The 422g pot (once rehydrated) has 218 calories, with 1.8g of fat, 2.6g of sugar, and 1g of sodium (salt). Please see photograph for ingredients.

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