12 August 2018

Mylk - whole - Rebel Kitchen (Ocado) by @NLi10

One of the great things about Ocado learning who you are and what you like is that it makes decent suggestions.  They know I buy almond milk, so they suggest other things that aren't milk, but also kind of are.

Here we have MYLK which is vegan/dairy free yet is a thick gloopy white thing that you use to make cereal edible and can put in drinks.

So far so good with the bran flakes.  It's a bit frothy because I shook it a little too much.  You really don't want to see the cup of tea where I didn't shake it at all.  As it's got coconut milk in there too - that also tasted bad.  Some things don't go well with tea.

It has Himalayan salt for hipsterness - you aren't fooling anyone Mylk.  Otherwise it's a great blend of flavours for non-tea applications.  I must try the next one in coffee.

And yeah - I'd actually consider using this in baking due to the texture/flavour combo - I think it'd do well.  But we know how good I am at getting around to baking so I'll just stick to adding one of these to each Ocado order and having some lovely creamy cereals without all that dairy nonsense.

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