21 August 2018

Limited Edition Jammie Dodgers Lemon Twist Biscuits (Ocado) By @cinabar

Jammie Dodgers are probably one of the most iconic British biscuits. They have been going a very long time and are a firm favourite on shelves. They consist of two layers of biscuit with jam sandwiched in between. Just occasionally, and it is occasional, we get a limited edition new flavour or variant. As it is summer they have come up with a refreshing sounding Lemon Twist versions of the Jammie Dodgers.
The packet is very bright even by my standards, and I love colour. It would have seriously stood out on the shelves, but to be fair I bought them online and hadn’t really spotted how pretty the pack was until it arrived. Inside are 8 biscuits, with a yellow jam centre showing through the distinctive heart shape on the top side.

I gave one a try and despite hopes of an ultra zingy flavour, based on the seriously bright packaging, it had a mild sweet lemon taste. The lemon flavour worked well enough with the biscuit base, they were sweet and pleasant enough. I would have preferred a stronger sharper lemon flavour, one that stood out a bit more. They were nice, but not something I will pine when the Limited Edition comes to an end. If truth be told and I was in the shop looking at the biscuit shelves staring at these or the original, it would be the original ones I’d be popping into my basket.

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