9 August 2018

Nutri Extracts Matcha Tea - Ceremonial Grade (@extractsnutri) by @NLi10

Sometimes things get reviewed and written up instantly.  Sometimes I forget about things and it takes ages to try them.  In this case I tried the product the day I got it (and many days after) and then didn't write it up.  This is my own fault because I often try to do too many things with these reviews.

Here we have the product.  It's Matcha Tea powder.  It's in a very unassuming package and came direct from the internet.  I wasn't sure that the PR company would send us samples - but we got two HUGE bags.  This is practically a life-times supply of Matcha powder.

Luckily I still have the stirrer and kit from the last time I made this stuff at work so I can drink away.

The ingredients are pure, the preparation guide has the right temp and that you'll want to whisk it, and also suggests way to make it more palatable to us westerners.

It really is good grade stuff - and makes a stonking cup of green tea.

The taste is a little more 'down' than the brand I'd been drinking so a dash of sugar perks it right up.  Superb.  Not much more to say about it really.

Well - except that if you go to the website www.nutriextracts.co.uk and use the code MATCHA15 you'll get 15% off which makes it a pretty good price too (£8 a bag before discount when I paid £20 for my smaller tin!).  If you know someone who doesn't mind the fairly plain packaging then it'd make a great gift!  You should probably ignore some of the health claims though, but it's good for mild relief of my arthritis symptoms, and due to the slow release caffeine you get a nice buzz for 6 hours.  

And that would be that - review straight up & done - except the packaging said that I should try using it in recipes.  And I was at the time supposed to make scones for my birthday (7th July) and take them to work - and green tea scones would be awesome! But - scones require a decent amount of wrist energy to make, and don't like the hot weather we are having.  I'd end up with painful wrists and overly floured scones! I mean - this is all clearly just procrastination - but at some point I will bake things again - and I have no doubt at all that I'll have some of this left ready to pop in half the mixture to see what happens.

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