19 August 2018

Grenade Carb Killer High Protein Shake (Nisa) by @NLi10

Last week I went to Nisa and got some Milkshakes to supplement my lunches.

We looked at the lactose free Ufit then - but here we go for the macho option.

I'm really not sure why this brand has caught my attention so much, but I guess as one of the featured ones in Holland & Barrett I was bound to try it eventually.  All the shakers and supplements are prohibitively expensive (its pretty much the top end of H&B's male supplement range) so I was glad to find this with only an extra 49p compared to the almost identical Ufit shakes.

As you'd expect its a bottle of UHT milk with some stuff added, but it has grenades and killa on the bottle so it must be better than the standard girly shakes.

And in fairness they know their market - that vague substance Protein (that the human body has to break down before it can use) is here in abundance but none of the calories or carbs.  I mean you could just eat vegetables and get the same effect, but you can't pretend to be in a war as easily then.

In fairness though the shake is good, the minty chocolate flavour is good quality and like the UFit I'm 100% sure that joking aside this is better for you than the non science milkshakes are.  The extra niceness may actually justify the extra 49p too, but as there was only one flavour of this I'd be more likely to get a mix if it was to become a regular thing.

I didn't get a picture of the ingredients so I can't compare the fortified vitamins and minerals, but as the focal point here was protein I'll guess it's similar to the UFit ones and check if I still have the bottle at work.

£2.50 for something that is the same size as a 50p can of pop is always a hard sell, but if you find yourself in need of some 'Protein' and the shop has no actual sources of readily available amino acids (that your body will then convert into the proteins it uses) then go for it.  There are a lot worse tasting options out there.

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