17 August 2018

Yorkshire Tea - Biscuit Brew (Sainsbury’s) By @Cinabar

I was in the supermarket looking at tea, when I had the realisation that the huge box of Yorkshire Tea Gold was cheaper than buying two of the smaller special offer priced boxes sat next to them, even though it amounted to the same number of bags, and itself wasn’t on offer. Mental arithmetic and the search for a bargain went a little out of the window when I also added to the trolley this strange sounding box of Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew, just because I wasn’t sure what it was.
Once home I gave the Biscuit Brew a closer look. I thought it may have been a tea specially designed for the dunking of biscuits, but as it turned out it wasn’t, it is a tea flavoured with biscuit. Really. I immediately checked the ingredients on the back of the box and the saving grace was the the extra flavourings were all natural at least. I put the kettle on.
When brewed this Biscuit Brew tea had a sweet smell, but there was still plenty of proper tea aroma too. The flavour was surprisingly cake like. It reminded me mostly of a vanilla sponge and tea, but all in liquid form. I thought it was sponge like because of the sweet buttery taste, but I guess I could be persuaded it was a shortbread flavour too. My initial sip made me think the Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew was a bit weird, but by the end of the mug I decided I liked the tea, and that over all I think the flavour worked. It was a soothing drink, and essentially adding vanilla and cream just gave the drink a luxury feel. It might not be the tea I go to first thing in a morning, I think its place is a warming cup in an afternoon, ideally with a biscuit ready for dunking.

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