25 August 2018

Neck Oil Session IPA Beer (@glouc_services @BeavertownBeer) @SpectreUK

I couldn't find an explanation as to why the can is covered with balloon skulls, and what looks like a long haired Grim Reaper harvesting more skulls to create a skull pyramid! Produced by Beavertown this Neck Oil Session IPA was created as a light crispy summer India Pale Ale. Possibly called 'Session' because of its low alcohol volume of 4.3%, Extra Pale and Carapils malts were used in the brewing mixed with multitude of hops; Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Galaxy, Vic Secret, Mosaic. Wow that's quite a lot of flavour in one small can!

On opening the can there was quite an aromatic blast of herbal hops to start with, followed by citrus hops and pale malt in the background. I was a little worried this IPA would be overbalanced by the sheer amount of hops literally bursting out of the can. On first taste there was the herbal hops with some light citrus flavours balancing out the bitterness followed by sweet pale malt. I was a little relieved about the balancing out of flavours of this tasty refreshing IPA. This is a really lovely light and crispy bitter craft ale, perfect for warm summer evenings spent in the garden watching the sun going down, rather than the skull balloons going up!

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