5 August 2018

Cocoature Handmade Choc - Raspberry (@bamburgh_castle) by @NLi10

So while we were at the castle picking up Raspberry Fentimans when I spotted this lovely looking bar of chocolate.  Bamburgh Castle is not that far from Berwick, so the fact that the family who own the castle have decided to stock up on local treats is fab.

Cocoature seem to mostly sell luxury boxes of chocolates on their website, but they luckily also supply these slabs of the real thing for people like me who just get odd cravings for mixed up flavours.

And as we see the ingredients to these kind of things are not that exciting - but it does confirm that it's a local, handmade, independent choc!

And how do you consume and share sucha  luxury chocolate? Why - while watching The Last Kingdom TV series which features that area and in theory the castle a lot!  I mean - really it's shot in Hungary but I didn't have any local Hungarian chocs.

And how is it?  It's fab.  It's fruitier than the Lidl Easter Egg we had with the raspberry half, and has a lot more bite to it.  It's got the right mix of bits and cocoa so you can tell it's still chocolate, but still get the tastes.  We've been keeping it in the fridge (due to the scorching weather and staying in a caravan) and it's worked out really well.  I'd say it's more of a sharing chocolate than most and it's great to have while watching movies or TV.

If I see more I'll be getting it. Or maybe I'll pop online and see what they can send out.

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