23 August 2018

Bahlsen - Waffeletten (corner shop) by @NLi10

Occasionally the wholesalers my cornershop uses has some good Euro snacks that they decide to pick up. They now stock Knoppers as standard (probably due to the amount I buy) and occasionally get the Bahlsen range in. I’d not seen these little waffles or Waffeletten before so naturally had to try.

This is what they are made of...

...and here they are! They are a little less pretty than the box, and quite fragile so very well packed. They are however little taste explosions! The bit without the chocolate is for holding on to, and while you’ll try to eat them in two bites you’ll end up going in for the whole thing as it crumbles all over.

Still a little expensive for what you get even at the introductory price, but a lovely little treat to share with friends.

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