26 August 2018

Walkers Poppables - Sweet Chilli Flavour (Co-op) by @NLi10

Cinabar reviewed the BBQ flavour of these back in July, but I'd not actually seen them in the wild until this weekend.  The basic premise is similar to those lovely crisps you get in Europe where there a big crunchy mass of flavour.  These are similar and surprisingly there were no broken ones in the bag!

We went for the veggie friendly Sweet Chilli flavour and had them with our lunches too.

This is my partners lunch - a plate full of olives wasn't quite as photogenic.  And my verdict is they are fine.  I genuinely couldn't have told you what the flavour was in a blind test.  There is a mild chilli hit, but nothing really like the gourmet crisps.  Maybe it's something to do with the textures involved?

I'd rather have the real, cheap waffle crisps or regular potato crisps than these, but they are a pleasant diversion and brilliant for a sharing side.  Grab a bag while the special offers are on and see what you think.

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