20 August 2018

Oreo Instant Hot Chocolate (Sainsbury’s) By @cinabar

I know it is August and it might not be everyone’s favourite time for a warming mug of hot chocolate yet. The weather has turned a little though with autumn around the corner, but frankly hot chocolate should just be for whenever you fancy a mug, without justification needed. There are new hot chocolates launching and the first one to catch my eye was this new Oreo Instant Hot Chocolate.

As per the instructions I put the kettle on and added four heaped teaspoons of Oreo hot chocolate powder to two mugs. I looked in the smallish jar and realised I’d used quite a large proportion of the contents. I think it dawned on me it wouldn’t make that many mugs in total, or I had totally overestimated what a heaped teaspoon was. On the bright side the powder dissolved really easily when the hot water was added, and there were no lumps. It was dark in colour though, this was either because Oreo biscuits are dark, or because I had indeed used too much.

I gave the drink a sip and although it was nice, it wasn’t very strong. The drink tasted more like a regular hot chocolate than I had expected, the Oreo was just a subtle hint of biscuit flavour in the background. The drink was pleasant enough but didn't quite have the wow flavour I had hoped for, I wanted more Oreo. The second mug of Oreo hot chocolate was for my mum. She sipped it, said it was nice but not very strong in flavour and that perhaps next time I should add an extra spoon of powder. That may well improve the flavour, but that jar isn’t going to last very long.

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