16 August 2018

Ufit Lactose Free Vanilla Milkshake (Nisa) by @NLi10 @UfitDrinks

I popped to Nisa for a healthy lunch, and failing to find one picked up some milkshakes.  I mean - I'd have probably got a big tub of olives or something equally marginal from Tesco, but at least there would be more choice.

There were a couple of interesting ones in the bad science section of the fridge, but today lets look at the UFit lactose free.

Essentially they stick some enzymes in the normal milkshake, but it has the added advantage of been a nice vanilla flavour too.

Look at my healthy banana! Ignore the sharing bag of crisps just for me...

Looks and tastes like a decent vanilla milkshake.

It does contain a few of the things I'd be considering supplementing in such as D3 so it's certainly not a terrible waste of time.  I'm not sure that the amounts present will turn your life around though, and certainly eating some green things would be a better idea.

Compared to other milk and water (and oil!) drinks though it's not too shabby.  Not something I'd encourage people to live off, but (as I used to use this brand after swimming) a nice treat that will make you feel a little bit better than the big bag of crisps does.

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eripmav said...

£2 and full of artificial sweeteners. I feel faint.