27 August 2018

Kansas BBQ and Nashville Hot Southern Bites (KFC) By @Cinabar

It has been a while since our last visit to KFC, and as it is a Bank Holiday weekend we thought we would treat ourselves to lunch out. Naturally I scoured the menu on the wall for the magic “new” word, and I was greeted with the discovery of Southern Bites. They come in two flavours; Kansas BBQ and Nashville Hot Southern Bites and we ordered a pot of both as an extra to our meals. KFC meals are not really small enough to require an additional element, but in the name of blogging and taste testing we felt obliged.

Inside each tub are four chicken bites covered in sauce. You will definitely need the wet hand wipes after eating these! We started by trying the Nashville Hot Southern Bites, with their orange red sauce. My first thought was that maybe I had got the tubs the wrong way round and that these were the barbecue flavoured ones. They did have a kick of heat, but they were more medium that hot, but the spices in the sauce were divine. They did taste a little sweet, with chilli and very well seasoned in a way I thought was barbecue style. I liked them, I think some would prefer them hotter.

Next up we tried the Kansas BBQ Southern Bites, which had a dark brown sauce on the chicken. Okay these are definitely barbecue, they are well spiced, but the rich smoky flavour is unmistakable. They don’t have much heat to them, but the sweet barbecue flavour was a pleasure to eat, and went very well with the chicken.
I loved both of these new varieties of Southern Bites from KFC, and found myself enjoying the hot ones more than expected. I think this means they are probably not hot enough really, but they worked well for me. The barbecue were spot on, and both flavours make a nice addition to a treat meal from KFC.

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