26 November 2018

Christmas Iberico Ham and Fig Crisps (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Christmas Iberico Ham and Fig Crisps

Iberico ham is apparently a cured ham from Spain, I had to google that, but it looks similar to parma ham. I had no idea exactly what it was when I bought these Christmas Iberico Ham and Fig Crisps from Waitrose, and frankly it may be too much to hope that they can narrow done the ham flavour in a packet of crisps to that extent anyway. They do sound posh though, but what else would expect from Waitrose.
We had these in a sharing bowl one lunch time, to accompany some sandwiches and to catch up on the Little Drummer Girl on BBC1 (I still don’t get the drama, but that isn’t the crisps fault).
The crisps are fairly thickly cut and have a decent amount of seasoning on them. The smell is lightly meaty, and as a fan of meat flavoured crisps they were very appealing. I gave one a try and found them to have a surprisingly mild flavour. There is a delicate pork taste from the ham, and sweetness from the fig and these two tastes go very well together. Essentially they are a little bit meaty with a nice contrast flavour like a fig pickle.They are easier to eat as none of the tastes are too strong, and will be good for sharing with friends this Christmas. For me the Christmas Iberico Ham and Fig crisps had more promise of stronger and more complex and interesting flavours. They are easy to like, just not so easy to rave about.

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