4 November 2018

Twin Peaks White (Poundland's Fauxblerone) by @NLi10 #TwinPeaks

If you don't know what these are then you need to check here for their launch and a cute snow owl - really, it's all good background.

So - I was in Poundland looking for cheap, amusing advent calendars (I got one!) and I spotted the new White Twin Peaks.  I guess it's been out a while but I'd not seen them.

Twin Peaks White and Milk Chocolate Bar

What I did see on the poster was that the shape of the peaks had changed - no longer does it have the 'fangs' of the previous version, but now we have a twin slope effect.  They have managed this while still keeping the bar at 180g for £1.

The bars again were a little damaged, but not all snapped in half this year - maybe that was due to evil children not a transporting issue. This does make it easier to eat and snap them up, not by much, but the dental work is part of the appeal of the fauxblerone.

And the white one does have all the 'bits' in it the same as the other one which adds to the texture, but doesn't really add to the flavour.  My partner isn't as keen on white choc so I'll almost certainly end up eating most of this one myself - result!

But how does it compare to the real thing?

Well - the real things are three times the price!! But also double the size.  This means that it's only 1.5 times as expensive as the bargain version, but you do have to buy far more chocolate than you probably need.

I think I prefer the original mix of big bits and chocolate, but the Twin Peaks are great too.  In fact - I can't wait to see you all back here next year to review the inevitable Dark version!

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