3 November 2018

Treason Ale (@UprisingBrewery Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Treason Ale Uprising Brewery

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. It always sounds like a war zone outside this time of year! It's coming up to November the 5th where in the UK every year we celebrate Bonfire Night, where Guy Fawkes was part of a plot to assassinate James 1st on November 5th in the year 1605. We traditionally burn the Guy on a bonfire and have many, many… many fireworks (by the sound of it). Don't ask me why we chose to celebrate this assassination attempt and what gruesomeness happened during the capital punishments to the plotters when they were caught. I don't think James 1st was particularly popular at the time, or the plotters, but we do like grisly history in this country and lots and lots and lots of fireworks!

This Treason West Coast IPA sounded perfect for this time of year. Produced by the Uprising Brewery in Windsor, Berkshire, at 6% volume it should certainly warm some parts of people if the bonfire and fireworks, and traditional baked potatoes don't. It's supposed to be based on an uprising to take the crown in the West Coast where winds whisper words of Treason, or so the label states. On opening the bottle there was a heavy herby hoppy aroma, with a sweet malted barley at the back of the smell. I could see what they meant by a 'burning bronze colour' to this Treason ale. The bubbles danced about my beer glass like plotters trying to evade the authorities. On taste the bitter herbal hoppiness shines through initially, and then the sweetness from the malted barley takes over into the aftertaste, like the guards catching the perpetrators and the sweetness of exacting their punishment, 'cause we do likes a good 'anging, see! "Hang 'em, draw 'em, quarter 'em…" That's what the King wants! 'eads on pikes before nightfall!!

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