7 November 2018

Whip Divine Mocha (Poundland) By @spectreUK

"It isn't often that Walnut Whip bring out new flavours!" So Cinabar exclaimed excitedly.
"I can't eat walnuts!" I said with an unreserved lack of enthusiasm.
"These are are Walnut Whips without the walnuts!" she said, "That's why they're called 'Whips'!"
Makes sense, I suppose. I'm still not over enthusiastic though, but I do like the cute beige / brown almost golden packet they are individually wrapped in when you tear open the box full of three Whip Divine Mochas.

These new Whip Divine Mochas have the same whipped milk chocolate tower as usual, but they are full of mocha flavoured mallow. They don't have walnuts on top either, unless you buy your own, I guess, and stick it on top with superglue (don't try this at home folks). I haven't been able to eat nuts for some years now, but funnily enough Walnut Whips weren't the first things I initially missed. Coated Salted Peanuts, Balti Peanuts, Lion Bars and Waldorf Salad ("Pretentious, Moi?" As Cybil Fawlty would say) were high on the list though… Well, they still are in fact!

I popped open the top of my packet of Whip Divine Mocha. There was a decent Nestle Milk Chocolate smell on opening the packet, and a hint of creamy coffee. Cinabar informed me that a Mocha is coffee and chocolate combined. She regularly makes her mom them in the coffee machine. The closest I've been to making one was when I've been a bit drunk and mixed the coffee and hot chocolate jars together in one mug.

On taste there was an instant (get it?) creamy coffee taste mixed with the milk chocolate. The mocha flavoured mallow inside the Whip was slightly beige in colour from the mixed in coffee. On taste this Whip Divine Mocha tastes pretty fantastic. I can usually take or leave the coffee creams in boxes of chocolates in favour of the soft orange and or strawberry centres, but I did like this Whip Divine Mocha, and it did go well with the Latte Cinabar convinced me to drink with it. One of these Whip Divine Mocha is a decent size for a non-greedy person's after dinner desert. The whole box full may be pushing it though. It's probably lucky for my waistline that there were three of us!

Information on the box;
3 Whip Divine Mocha at 27.8g have 139 calories each, with 3.9g of fat, 16.8g of sugar, and 0.05g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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Unknown said...

I love these. Why do all the chocolate companies stop putting coffee flavour in (Roses, Milk Tray also) 😠