18 November 2018

Green & Black’s Velvet Edition - two kinds (by @NLi10)

Ok, I admit it. There was a short while where I picked up far too many interesting chocolates and have got very behind on eating them. I think I was up to ten full size bars.

Here’s a couple I picked up from Cadbury’s World in the summer.

Green & Black’s Velvet Edition

Essentially they are very similar, lovely Dark Chocolate, almonds and very flat. The only real difference is that the second one has orange in it, and I think the first he had more almonds.

Here is the just almonds version, nt too exciting visually, but the smell and taste is great. Lovely texture changes and deep flavours. But I’ll prrobably gift it to the office. Why? The orange version is just that little bit more special.

Looking pretty darn similar, but smelling and tasting of oranges makes this a win for me. Imagine a flat orange Toblerone and you aren’t far off. Lovely and festive without trying too hard. A nice little indulgence.

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