15 November 2018

Nestle Extrême - salted caramel and white chocolate cone (Ocado) by @NLi10

I’ve been pretty good recently, not automatically adding puddings to every Ocado order I do, keeping the freezer reasonably spacious. Sometimes though you need to make sure you have some spare indulgent treats floating around. I spotted these, didn’t even see they were a big brand like Nestle and picked them up.

Nestle Extrême - salted caramel and white chocolate cone

The Extrême is an odd beast, being basically a Cornetto but with more flavours, layers and luxury. There really is only soft textures here, but as the pic above illustrates there is a lot going on.

The multipack branding is plain.

The cone  itself is glorious, and stacked with chocolate and caramel. And it’s the same all the way down, getting sweeter as it goes - which is pretty interesting.  By the end of it I’d totally bypassed my internal caramel limit and was a bit overwhelmed, but I persevered. Enjoyable but just a touch too much - you REALLY - need to enjoy caramel with this one.

My partner will likely happily finish the other two while I explore the pot of vegan hazelnut ice cream we’ve had since the summer.

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