22 November 2018

Green Tea Milkshakes? SINGWIN Matcha Milk Tea sachets (by @NLi10)

One of my bosses feels that she should drink more green tea for health benefits, but prefers milky tea.  This gave me the perfect excuse to buy a sack of 18 Matcha Milk tea sachets!

It's 3 in 1 - Matcha, Milk & I assume a vast amount of sugar based on the taste.

OK -  so based on the ingredients the order is Sugar, Fake Milk, then Matcha (5%) which is fair enough. We've all made this at home with too much Matcha and regretted it.

The little sachets are pleasing enough, and English enough that I've been giving them away to people to try.

And it produces a lovely cup of bright green tea! I've been adding my own real milk too for texture, but even without that it's basically fine.  It's a little too sweet for my tastes, but as a 'tea milkshake'  it's essentially what it's supposed to be.  I was unconvinced by the price (18 for £3.60 is only 20p a go I suppose) but it's actually really good. If you have a source of decently hot water then you can make a nice drink.  

A decent change to hot chocolate and a nice one to share with friends.  I think I may even go back and try the 40p a sachet version to see if it suites my more experienced tastebuds or is just the same for more money.

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