25 November 2018

Divine Christmas Chocolate - Cranberry/Gingerbread (@Oxfam) by @NLi10

Divine are a great little brand for indulgent chocolate bars - I seem to always have a few floating around at any given time.  They unleashed a couple of Christmas varieties on the market in early November and I've been nibbling away on them.

Divine Christmas Chocolate - Cranberry/Gingerbread

First up is Smooth Milk With Gingerbread Crisp.  Not sure why the smooth is important - maybe there are harder grain chocolates that people didn't like as much.

Doesn't look too special, but there is a hint of a smell.  The flavour is 100% Christmas though, it's gingerbread men and chocolates off the tree.  The chocolate is very melty leaving behind the crumbs of the gingerbread (cinnamon crisp on the ingredients) and the spicy hints of aftertaste.  I couldn't eat this all year round, but this is certainly one for the nostalgia fans.

Similarly this one starts off with a lovely medium dark hit (think Bournville) and has a couple of mysterious flavours.  Almost behaving like a dark chocolate brownie with hints of the fruit and the nuts left at the end.  Its an interesting bar, but doesn't have that instant Christmas magic of the first one.  This I could eat at any point in the year, but I just don't think it's special enough for repeat purchases with so many other options out there.  That said, I know people that will love this (my dad for one) so maybe you will too.

A little pricier than I'd have liked at £2.19, but certainly giftable quality chocolate in a nicely pocket sized bar.

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