5 November 2018

Pigs In Blankets Crisps (@AldiUK) By @Cinabar

Pigs In Blankets Crisps Aldi

One of my favourite things about Christmas dinner has to be the Pigs In Blankets, the idea of wrapping a small sausage in bacon is without question genius, even if its intention is to sit on an already overload roast dinner plate. The idea does seem to have caught on quite well though, and I absolutely love them. In fact we like Pigs in Blankets so much at Foodstuff Finds we tend to buy them quite a bit at this time of year, and have them on the side with all kinds of meals. Consequentially when I saw these Specially Selected Pigs In Blankets Crisps in Aldi I knew I had to put them in the trolley.
We shared them with some sandwiches over lunch, and from the moment the pack was open we started to squabble on portion sizes. They smelt amazing. I love meaty flavoured crisps, and the aroma of bacon was just wonderful. The taste too did not disappoint, there is a bacon flavour that is very much at the forefront, and what followed was a slightly more herby sage taste from the sausage, that was very much spot on. I think they have done an excellent job of interpreting a Pigs In Blankets flavour for crisps, and one that those who like meaty flavours will fight over, literally in our house. A little birdie told me that Aldi is releasing a giant Pig in Blanket in December, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this too, it might be safer if we all have one each.

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