6 November 2018

Cup Croissant with Nutella (Costa) By @Cinabar

Cup Croissant with Nutella (Costa)

I had questions when I first saw this Cup Croissant with Nutella in Costa. Questions include is it really a croissant? Is it cup shaped? Do you butter it? How do you eat? The solution was to buy one and try and work it all out. There was no offer of butter at the till, and as it already contained Nutella I decided to just roll with it. If this had been a cup cake and not a cup croissant I would have started by eating from the top, so this is what I did. The first bite was that of a dry croissant, there was butter and sweetness in the flavour but the overall texture wasn’t moist, the nuts were dry and crunchy too. I was feeling a little disappointed as the pastry layers flaked begging for some jam and butter. A few bites in and I hit the Nutella, a big dollop of chocolate and nutty goodness. This made the rest of the Cup Croissant light up, rich sweet and moist and suddenly all that flaky pastry found its purpose. The textures came alive and the sweetness was spot on.
I think then the conclusion is that if you have a regular large croissant and spread it with Nutella it makes for an amazing flavour and texture sensation, perfect for anyone who loves chocolate. Cup (cake) shaped croissants don’t seem to bring anything new to the table, the newness of the shape seems to put the flavours at a disadvantage, despite the fun novelty of it. You have to wait to get to the Nutella before the flavours start the party.

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