9 November 2018

Nestle Whip Dessert (Asda) By @Cinabar

Nestle Whip Dessert

I am in two minds about these desserts. Let me start with the negative side, I bought this product because I buy (and love) Nestle Walnut Whips, the packaging of these desserts and the branding of the logo made me think of these Whips. The ones they do in multipacks without any hint of a walnut for unknown reasons. They are in a blue pack and they have the same cursive writing of the name in white. I thought there would be some theming to match the chocolates. A Whip consists of a solid milk chocolate case with a white vanilla whip inside. The dessert consists of a smooth (no obvious bubbles) chocolate section and cream on top. I don’t get it, its not even close. It should have been a vanilla mousse with a chocolate topping surely? The other way around and different proportions.

The positive side of this dessert is that it tasted rather good. The chocolate section was smooth and creamy, with a nice level of sweet. The creamy topping was nice and went with the cocoa. They reminded me of chocolate desserts my mum used to buy when I was a kid, so I liked the nostalgia too. It tasted nice, a fun chocolate treat.
In balance I don’t think I can get passed the branding. I bought these because they looked like the chocolate Whips I buy, and there was so little resemblance to that product I was left disappointed. The chocolate dessert might taste good, but it didn’t hit the mark for me.

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