11 November 2018

The FIVE advent calendars that I actually DID buy this year (with video) by @NLi10

This Remembrance Day morning I did what any other citizen of a peace-loving free country would do and videoed my advent calendars ready for December.

This is a video - we don't do many of these so click it and tell us what you think!

For those of you on phones, or who aren't really into videos here are the three cheapest options I got.

At 89p (Home Bargains) I got the 20(18) Very Badly Behaved Elf calendar with the smallest amount of chocolate (40g!) and very low expectations.

Of the three slightly odd Holland & Barrett calendars on offer I chose the far right one.  I thought no added sugar may have been a bit much (but I do love dark choc), and that the white choc one may taste a bit odd.  I'm hoping that the dairy free vegan one at least has a nice texture. It was £4.

The most expensive of these (£6.99 B&M) was the McVitie's advent calendar which instead of being biscuit based has it's normal choc bars.  This is great in theory but is a little bit like the ration boxes I described in the last write up.  I suspect it will be a solid base line.

The remaining two in the video were both £9.99 from Ocado.  A teabag one from Pucca which looks like a flat box of teabags (?!) and a cat treat advent calendar which has great art but smells really funky.  Check the video for those and the scoring system.  See you in Dec for more videos and roundup text.

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