8 November 2018

Eating at Giraffe - buns and filled churros (@GiraffeTweet) by @NLi10

We found ourselves in town and needing a nice little lunch so decided on Giraffe in Grand Central for a change as we only ever go as a couple when in an airport.

I decided to choose just one thing off the Tapas portion of the menu (prompting a warning from the waitress that I hadn't chosen a big option) as I really fancied more buns after having some Dim Sum in the week.  This is a Katsu version which feels a bit culture clash, but I'm fine with that.  The authenticity mostly came from the smell of all the Asian restaurants that were surrounding me and glaring...

I enjoyed it, but it was a bit small - whatever can I do?

Luckily I'd spotted this before ordering and had a plan. Churros + buns was about the price of a normal lunch.

These aren't regular churros though - they are fat ones and they are filled!

Look - it's full of apple! Well, not full, and not real apple, but close enough to be interesting.  The outsides were crispy and the insides were not hot enough to sear flesh so they were perfect.  Not sure why we got an odd chocolate dip to go with the apple version - nice though.  5 wasn't great for the money (but it's what is on the sign) and I maybe should have got them from the market instead, but the quality was certainly high.

I can't wait to go back for more (mainly because we'll probably be flying somewhere nice!)

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