21 December 2018

Walkers Cheese and Cranberry Crisps (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Walkers Cheese and Cranberry Crisps

I’ve been to Waitrose a few times this month trying to find the other new Wakers crisps flavours that have been released this year, but there has been a continuous empty spot next to the Brussels sprouts ones which weirdly don’t seem to have sold out. Asda online was the same, but this year we also had an Ocado order, and I was lucky enough to find these new seasonal Walkers Cheese and Cranberry Crisps.
The bag is a pale orange in colour, but still has the Walkers Christmas tree on the front to give them a Christmas spin. We certainly love a cheese beard at this time of year so I think the flavour has good theming.
I opened up the bag of Walkers Cheese and Cranberry Crisps and could smell the cheese immediately, I actually thought they might be a bit strong. I poured them out to have with a sandwich. When I tucked in the cheese wasn’t too bad at all in strength, it was balanced nicely by the cranberry that added a good sweet fruitiness to the flavour. There was some salt too which left the flavour hanging on the taste buds until the next bite. Ultimately these Walkers Cheese and Cranberry Crisps are a more subtle Christmas themed crisps, but are done really well. I think if you like cheese flavoured crisps the addition of the cranberry really enhances that flavour. Fruity and cheesy, like those lovely blocks of Wensleydale packed with cranberries you get at this time of year. Here is hoping I can get a few more bags before the end of the year.


Grant said...

Are you sure? They taste awful!

cinabar said...

Not a fan? I liked them, but cheese crisps are a bit to personal taste.

Tyrese said...

The Cheese & Cranberry is from the Sprout Haters. Like the person Grant had said they tasted awful! I don't why Walkers chose to do a Cranberry flavour with Cheese, it was the worst pick. They could of chose a better flavour than that. Apart from that in my opinion the Glazed Ham was one of the best.

cinabar said...

Do you like Wensleydale cheese with the cranberries running through it? I do and that may be an influencing factor!