9 November 2023

ChuLo - Lemon & Apple Sours, from Japan, in a can in the UK [@NLi10]

I do like Japanese soft drinks, and Sainsbury's have a little sushi counter with lots of treats hiding on the sides - including ChuLo for £1.60 a can!

Naturally I got both flavours

Reduced sugar and vegan friendly - and Inspired in Japan! Wait - what? At the bottom it says that it's made in Manchester.  Guess that's why its cheaper - lets see if it's good.

This lemonade version is a little sour and pretty strong.  Basically it's the traditional lemonade that Fentimans sell - and a lovely refreshing drink.

And next we have the Apple.  These can's are so lovely I've kept them on the top of the fridge with the Star Wars Beer

Even though this stereotypical Mancunian is a little strong!

I expected this to be artificially green - but instead it looks like apple juice and tastes great! Like a more sour, and richer version of the Apple Tango I had as a child.  I'll be getting this flavour again.  

And maybe I could package them up with imported sweets and make Christmas In Japan packages for family for Christmas presents.  I'm sure no one else would mind with the flavours being that good.

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