5 November 2023

Tesco Christmas Sandwich - Pigs UNDER blankets & Chick/Bac/Stuff [@NLi10]

It's luxury Christmas Sandwich time again! Halloween has been and gone, and now the orange packages give way to red and green.

First to hit the reduced section was this one from Tesco - which is actually two Christmas Sandwiches in one.

The Pigs are under blankets for efficiency, and the other sandwich has all the meats.

That's a lot off effort to simulate a Christmas lunch at my desk - no wonder this should be £3

The sausage and bacon pair is pretty good - the seasoning was added by me.  A decent amount of filling and as long as you don't want any vitamins you are sorted.

Here we see the premium poundshop peri peri grinder in all it's glory!

Bacon again! This time with a bit of chicken and the stuffing used as spread.  This side needed cranberry - but was again suitably festive.

Can't wait to be fed up of this before actual Christmas which seems very very far away.

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