16 November 2023

Co-Op British Chicken, Boxing Day Feast Christmas Sandwich [@NLi10]

 Christmas Sandwich number 3 has appeared - and it's another themed one - Leftovers!

It's not in the premium range like the Christmas market one so is far less filled 

But it's a charity themed one which is nice - why should just Christmas Cards benefit good causes when there are plenty of other seasonal things?

The ingredients are as usual not simple, there are so many things going on! Spiced fruit chutney?!

Ah - there it is - spread on the bread.  This does indeed look like leftovers. No turkey mind.

Thing is - this one is awesome.  If you've had boxing day dinner with the extra sauces and all the cold bits of Christmas Dinner then you know what to expect here.  And because they've focused on the sauces spread on the bread it really works.  Although this is a lot less filling and exciting than the German market sandwich I think this is a lot more 'lunchy' and certainly easier to eat on the go.

Co-op have done great so far this year and I'm hoping to see them more through the month before they disappear again forever.

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