22 November 2023

Nestle Milkybar Speculous (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Nestle Milkybar Speculous

I have loved white chocolate since I was a very young child. I do love Nestle Milkybar, which was pretty much the only white chocolate available at the time. I remember having small and large bars of Nestle Milkybar all of the time. Especially big white chocolate bars for my birthday and Christmas. They certainly didn't last very long.

I still enjoy Nestle Milkybars regularly nowadays. It seemed natural for me to review this new Nestle Milkybar Speculous which is out for autumn and winter. It has caramelised biscuit pieces inside it, which sounds wholesome. What I didn't notice until I looked on the back of the wrapper was that the caramelised biscuit pieces are flavoured with cinnamon. Although warming and spicy, I've never been all that keen on cinnamon. I don't like it with apple that's for certain. Although I've not tried it with white chocolate before. Having said that, Cinabar reminded me that the German word 'Speculous' is Lotus Biscuits for us, and I know I love those, so what can go wrong?

Nestle Milkybar Speculous

On opening the wrapper it was clear there were lots of pieces of Lotus Biscuit in the Milkybar. On first crunchy taste, and it was very crunchy, there was the taste of creamy white chocolate to begin with, which was followed closely by the flavour of Lotus Biscuits. Now I do love dipping Lotus Biscuits into my White Hot Chocolate when I have one. This Nestle Milkybar Speculous was pretty much the solid form of that. Enough said, really.

Information on the wrapper; The 100g bar has 91 calories per row, with 5.1g of fat, 9.4g of sugar, 0.05g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Nestle Milkybar Speculous

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