13 November 2023

Walkers Festive Turkey Crisps (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Walkers Festive Turkey Crisps

Last year I couldn’t find any limited edition crisps from Walkers, so this year I’m super excited to have found three varieties. I have always tried the meaty Pigs In Blankets and Spectre has tried the unusual Christmas Pudding flavour, which brings us back to the traditional Festive Turkey. If I had to pick one flavour of crisps for the rest of my life, I would pick chicken. They are my favorites. Consequently, I get excited by Turkey crisps, a seasonal shake-up but similar all the same.

We had these at lunch with sandwiches. I gave one a try and was pleased to find they were actually a bit like turkey and not just chicken crisps repackaged. The texture was the usual thin Walkers crisps, which I actually quite like. The flavour was similar to chicken in that it had that meaty poultry taste, but there was something a little richer there too. The flavour was stronger, and there was a buttery flavour and nice seasoning too. This gave them a feel of turkey from a Christmas Turkey dinner with stuffing and basted with butter. I was impressed that these crisps had a good depth of flavour, and there was a nice effort put into making them into a festive edition. I will definitely go back for another multipack before they disappear.

Walkers Festive Turkey Crisps

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